Monday, July 31, 2017

Ninth Week in the Lab (7/24/17- 7/30/17)

     Nothing much happened in the lab this week beyond me continuing to nanodrop the mushroom and lung samples. I also ran gels on the side to see if I could get prettier gels for an official publication. The Ohio State Fair also began this week. I was really excited because I had been to the New York State Fair and couldn’t wait to eat fair food and see the livestock shows. Unfortunately, on the very first day one of the rides malfunctioned and ended up killing an attendee. I was worried for my friend who had gone to the fair that day, but luckily she was fine. When I go to the fair I am definitely not going on any of the rides.

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Last Week in the Lab (7/31/17 – 8/7/17)

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